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Ok I am just becoming seneschal of a Canton in Iowa, yes the one I taked about a month or so ago, that has had lots of drama, how is the best way to carefully avoid such issues in the future.

Here is my example:
We were required to put a bid in for coronation, several members got together and made the plan and submitted it. They excluded the seneschal, which i believe has to be included for legal reasons, and did not tell the population. I would have spoken up and wanted to talk the to people involved. How would people recommend I go about it. Two of the major people involved in situations like this have been members for a very long time and have awards, where as I have been an on and off again non-paying member for 3-5 years, geez is it really that long.

Anyways looking for any communication tips, I have been reading up on the seneschal handbook also.
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