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Lilies War Theme Announced

From the CalonNet::

Lilies Announcement!

As is tradition in the heartlands, Their Royal Majesties Calontir have decreed that a grand tournament and melee be organized for all of their nobles, knights, and commons; as well as their Royal Cousins and their subjects from across the Known World. This tournament is to be held on the ground of their forefathers, the Field of Lilies, and is to consist of all manner of pageantry, display and entertainment for all who might attend.

It is no secret that the artisans of this kingdom are some of the most diverse in the world; and to that end, their Majesties have asked that all who might participate in this fair organize themselves into guilds and form alliances in order to field teams for this display. These guilds and alliances need not be officially chartered within this fair kingdom, yet all must be able to present a sufficient force upon the field that might last for a week, and include not only artisans, but knights, huscarls, fyrdmen, archers and men-at-arms. Forces should be able to challenge each other in the customary pastimes of tournament, melee, archery, games, art and craft displays, shopping and partying, to name but a few. We would encourage all who dedicate themselves to a craft to consider sponsoring a force for this war; be you metalworker, fiber artist, cook, potter, baker, or any of the other myriad of artisans and craftsmen that this Kingdom is blessed with.

Petitions for such forces must be presented to their Majesties, no later than the Kris Kinder Market, traditionally held in the Crown’s lands of the Barony of Forgotten Sea. Any exceptions after this date will be granted solely at the discretion of Their Majesties.

The Event Stewards for this next Lilies are Baroness Diana MacLean ( ) and Baron Mikhail Nikolaevich ( If you are interested in sponsoring a side for this next Lilies, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Even if you don’t think you have enough for a “whole” side, let us know, perhaps we could arrange an alliance with another guild or group. Again, your side does not have to be an “official” Calontir guild, just a group of artisans willing to contribute to the overall fun of the war.

We look forward to hearing from many of you!
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