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Pulled into the Fray - Advice please.

I  am not really new to the SCA, been sporadically active for about 3-4 years now.  I am at a lost to what I should do with a situation that has been developing in our group.  Mainly it is drama but it has escalated to the point that we are lossing members because of other members telling the higher levels possible lies.  (I have no clue what is true anymore) Some members are trying to just that our group just get banned and then they will start a group excluding who they feel are trouble makers.  I would love to become more involved in a official role, but am not sure if I should put out the effort if I will just come under attack also, or if our group is going to be disolved.  I understand any social group comes with drama, I work at a political active non-profit, but I don't think the level of drama in our group is going to allow us to get any new members, let alone keep all existing members.  I have been tactfully trying to coverup the drama/division when new people are around but it seems to never end.  I am not sure how to get this stopped or resolved and am starting to get dragged into the middle.  
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