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Any groups near ames

Who are very easy going about SCA rules. I tried to take a friend of mine to A&S and she was unfortunately turned off by the rule heavy/not welcoming atmosphere. I know she would enjoy participating but would have to take a evening off a week to make the local group. I was hoping to prove it was worth it with the other event but that seems to not have happened. Sorry sure this sounds critical of the group but even I felt a little uncomfortable being their and I was invited
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What rules was she "turned off" by?
No so much the rules as the fact is seemed rules were what the group focused on, not the fun of history and the organization. Also the fact we went to meet a person, was told that it wouldn't be a problem to be off task and then when the person wasn't there we were "pushed" to participate when only one regular person was participating the rest spent time on their own private activities or looking at my materials. She was this to be a hobby not a chore and they made her feel it would be a chore/obligation activity.
Off task?

You must have gone to either a project night or an A&S competition event? Really not the best thing for a newbie.

A regular event or else a RUSH are generally the best sorts of events to take new people to--I'd suggest trying one of those.
IT was the monthly A&S meeting for DSM. I will try to get her to a regular event as soon as possible.
by the way. I am sorry to anyone offended by this sometimes newer people need broken in gentle and I assumed that could happen with any group.
Some advice: contact whichever group's chatelain and have him/her meet you and make introductions for you. Axed Root (in Ames) tends to have heavy turnover because of the university (students graduate and leave). This being summertime, the Ames group may not be as active as usual, so please give them another try once school is back in session. I used to live in Coeur d'Ennui (Des Moines), which is the nearest group and for the most part, people are pretty friendly if you talk with them. Again, get a chatelain to introduce you so that people will know you are new and sometimes can have you meet up with people who are willing to take the time to show you around, explain SCA customs, etc.

The best way I've found to get to know people is to volunteer to help at an event or demo or whatever. Or take up an activity like heavy weapons or archery where there are regular practices.

There's an upcoming event in Cedar Rapids (Deodar) on September 21-23. The information is here. It looks like Flynthill down in Burlington is planning an event in mid-October, too.